Benefits of Trelona ATBS for Your Home

Before we dive deeper into what makes Trelona ATBS a superior termite solution, let’s touch on how termite baits work.
Essentially, termite baits contain small amounts of products that target and eliminate termites located in and around the home. Termites consume the bate and thus, pass it onto their nest mates. As a result, termite populations will gradually decline. Baiting systems, on the other hand, involve consistent inspections, monitoring, and re-baiting, if needed, to maintain a termite-free home all year round!
With this in mind, what makes Trelona® ATBS Advance® Termite Baiting System the best of the best? 

superior design results
in fast termite hits 

acts as both a preventive 
and curative treatment

can be trusted to 
eliminate termite activity

Designed to fool termites with 
a "friendly" environment