Where bed bugs come from

Bed bugs can get into your home in a number of ways. They may hitch a ride into you home on your clothing or luggage from other infested areas. 

Used furniture is another common culprit, so always be wary when you bring a garage sale find into your home. 

Bed bugs are also a common problem in multi-unit buildings like hotels, motels, and apartment buildings since they can so easily travel from room to room.

Signs of bed bug infestation

Bed bugs are very tiny and retreat into crevices and even the mattress itself. They can be difficult to spot at first, but surrounding areas show telltale signs of these creatures. You may have a bed bug infestation if you see:
- Remnants of eggshell skins from molting and fecal matter
- Rusty brown spots on pillows, sheets, mattresses, and/or along walls
- Bloodstains on bed clothing and scarring on skin from bites
- A disturbing musty yet sweet odor 

How to get rid
of bed bugs

The first critical step in removing bed bugs is to halt their ability to spread. Bed bugs often cling to different living organisms, allowing them to hitch-hike. This means that none of your clothing or objects (like backpacks) that have been on the ground or by the bed should leave the infected room until they are thoroughly decontaminated.
Then the insects and their eggs must be removed completely. Optional solutions include heating, fumigating, or powdering the nest with chemicals. 


Bed bugs require trained experts

Bed bugs are often resistant to the chemicals found in conventional treatments. Some chemicals can actually make bed bugs significantly harder to kill! We offer hybrid traditional, natural organic, and heat treatments to eliminate bed bugs after determining what is right for your specific situation.


Complete bed bug 
removal programs

These pests are challenging to eradicate and require a true professional. Our team at Miss Phoebe's Termite & Pest Control uses products that have been proven effective time and again, and we have kept thousands of homes bed bug free, which means we have an inherent understanding of the places bed bugs like to hide—stopping infestations in their tracks. 


Full service bed 
bug elimination

Remember, the goal is to absolutely eradicate every trace of bed bugs and their eggs – you can never simply "control" them as they will just come back. Unlike many pest services, Miss Phoebe's qualified team works hard to eradicate bed bugs without upselling services you don’t need. Our skillful experts eradicate bed bugs for complete satisfaction and safety.