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When you call Miss Phoebe's Pest & Termite Control, you're working with the best of the best. Our honest, friendly, and knowledgeable pest control professionals will work tirelessly to ensure the safety and comfort of your commercial space.

We understand that no two properties are alike, which is why we always design customized pest control solutions that eradicate and prevent the return of problematic critters in the correct manner for your precise property, without the need to fumigate or turn to services that your property doesn't need. 

We're Here to Handle Your Pest Problems
Let our Dallas commercial pest control experts help protect your facility, your reputation, and your bottom line. Our team works quickly and discreetly while keeping you informed at every step of the way, so you know exactly what is happening to your property at every step.

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Miss Phoebe's is the company to call for the best, discreet commercial pest control in Dallas. With six decades of experience, we have made the safety and comfort of our neighbors our top priority, offering a broad range of services to keep your business free from infestation. No property is too big or small for our skilled team—and we have the tools, training, and top of the line products to keep you pest-free all year.

Whatever type of business property or the nature of the infestation, Miss Phoebe's will handle all of your pest control needs. We offer one-time treatments, monthly and quarterly treatment plans, and ongoing prevention service programs. Our team will coordinate filing the appropriate regulatory notices to ensure you're in compliance with government policies before treatment begins. 

what we can do for your business:


Though small, they cause significant and costly damage. Our custom termite control program is designed to address current infestations and prevent future activity. No two companies are alike, so our team is trained to identify the unique aspects of your property and deliver a treatment plan that is right for your property. 


For businesses in property management, hospitality, and tourism, we offer bed bug detection, removal, and prevention services that are guaranteed to provide exceptional results. We are equipped with the tools and products necessary to completely eradicate bed bugs with minimal disruption to your business. 


Fast, efficient, and discreet rodent control for your business. We have the solutions to solve your rat or mouse infestation and protect your property, food-supplies, and reputation. Whether you spotted a rodent on your property for the first time or have an ongoing problem that you can’t seem to resolve, our team of professionals will rid your property of rodents and keep them from coming back. 


So many businesses experience these pests and roach control is a public health concern everywhere: apartment complexes, food processing plants, restaurants, everywhere. Our pest control family includes the original RoachBusters® to solve every roach issue safely, effectively, quickly and affordably.  

Commercial property owners 
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of pest problems every day.

We're also prepared to help with 
a variety of other pests that may 
challenge your business, including:
• Mosquitos

• Wasps & Bees

• Spiders

• Ants

• Fleas & Ticks

• Protection Plans

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If you are dealing with an infestation, we know that 
you need information and service quickly, and our state-certified experts are here to help. 

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