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Cockroaches are one of the most hated insects, especially when they are found inside homes. Not only do most people find roaches repulsive, but cockroaches can also trigger asthma, allergies, and even spread diseases. No one wants to find cockroaches in their home or business. Our trained Dallas cockroach control team can successfully control cockroaches in any residential, commercial, or multi-family property. 

How Do I Get Rid of Cockroaches Permanently?
Roaches are hardy and multiply quickly, so you have to kill the live ones and ensure that all eggs are destroyed as well. Truly solving the problem means locating and sealing entry points, finding and fixing moisture problems, and ensuring that food is tightly sealed. Cockroaches are better at hiding than you are at finding them, and their eggs are naturally protected from insecticides. Without special equipment, materials, and know-how, cockroach control can be a losing battle. Our experienced technicians are trained and equipped to identify the exact type of cockroach you may have and eliminate them. Our roach extermination services are exactly what you need for peace of mind. 

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~ Tips for Controlling Cockroaches ~

Keep your home free of food crumbs

Update door and window seals

Use cockroach monitoring stations

Inspect all boxes
in the home

Keep all
surfaces clean

Use a general pest control service

The 5 Most Common Cockroaches in Dallas



Commonly found in restaurants, kitchens, and stores where food and moisture are abundant. They can contaminate food, leave stains, create foul odors, and carry diseases. German roaches are excellent hitchhikers, and unfortunately they are common in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. 


Smokey Brown Cockroach

Commonly mistaken for a water bug, these are red-black to brown-black and very shiny. They can fly, are attracted to lights at night, and are difficult to control due to their many habitat preferences: sheds, wall and roof spaces, sub-floors, mulched areas, grease traps, and drains. 


The Oriental

Also known as black beetles, oriental cockroaches are more sluggish than other types of cockroaches. These roaches are common in basements, crawl spaces, porch cracks, crevices, and foundations. They  breed well in unventilated crawl spaces or basements where humidity is high. 


The American

Also mistaken for a water bug, this roach is the largest house-infesting species at 1.5" long. They have red-brown wings and light marks on the thorax. Adults come inside after a change in temperature or heavy rain, and become a difficult issue if they start reproducing inside the home. 


Brown Banded Cockroach

These are easily recognized by alternating light and dark bands across the back. They are often found high on walls, inside picture frames, behind molding, near appliance motors, inside of light switches, and in the corners of closets and furniture.