We Are Licensed & Certified to Use America’s #1 Termite Defense Solution

Our team at Miss Phoebe’s is proud to offer Termidor® termite treatment for our customers in Dallas. Since 2000, over 4 million households have benefitted from Termidor, a professionally applied termite defense product that is undetectable to drywood and subterranean termites. Time and time again, Termidor has proven to be the best ​product for exterminating termites and preventing them from

coming back. Currently, Termidor 
is considered the most effective commercially available termite control system. With this power comes great responsibility. That’s why not just anyone can purchase this superior termite solution. Only licensed pest control professionals who have passed Termidor Certification Training are allowed to purchase and apply this virtually odorless product. 

Termidor® Termite Treatment

As Americ​a’s #1 termite defense product, Termidor is the most effective because it is undetectable, making it impossible for termites to avoid the treatment zone or 
try to escape it. 

Why Trust Termidor?

Like other termite treatments out there, Termidor is a liquid, but other than that, Termidor is the best solution to eliminating termites from your home or business and keeping them out.

This product is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and remains one of the most highly evaluated termite control products out there. Termidor doesn’t pose a threat to plants surrounding the treatment area and is not petroleum-based. 

How Long Does 
Termidor Termite Treatment Last? 

The US Forest Service has conducted ongoing field trials on Termidor, finding outcomes that no other commercially available treatment has ever achieved. Concrete slab field test plots treated with Termidor® 80 WG found no signs of termite damage for over 15 years after treatment.

For the best results, get regular inspections from our Dallas termite exterminators to achieve consistent, reliable protection from termites. We may put monitoring devices around your property to better detect and address potential infestations. Regular check-ups also help ensure your Termidor Zone isn’t compromised by home improvements or landscaping changes.